Drones are the Future of Delivery.

But without safety regulations,
danger looms overhead.

the buzz about drones

FAA predicts the commercial drone market will triple over the next five years, hitting 835,000 aircraft by 2023."
Terrorist organizations have an interest in using drones. We’ve seen that overseas already…They are relatively easy to acquire, relatively easy to operate, and quite difficult to disrupt and to monitor."
[She] thought she heard a 'chain saw gone ballistic'...It was actually a drone on its way to deliver a burrito."

Drone Delivery Potential

Ecommerce Deliveries
0 B
Mail Volume (2017)
Restaurant Deliveries
Grocery Transactions

Per Year

The Ideal Drone Delivery system:

is Safe

People shouldn’t have to worry about a coffee-carrying drone crashing into them. A system should prevent crashes from being able to occur.

Isn't limited by battery life

A delivery shouldn’t be unavailable to customers just because their location is considered “too far away.”

isn't noisy

Traffic Noises are bad enough. No need to add the whizzing of thousands of propellers.


Customers should be able to dictate the time and place of delivery.

Consistently Quick Delivery


Full Autonomy

Temperature-Controlled Containers

Customer-Based Scheduled Delivery

the Roads regulate car traffic.
Drones need a similar infrastructure: