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It’s possible with¬†

Your on your time

Send your own packages without going to the post office.
Schedule package drop-off instead of waiting for a delivery person.
No shipping minimum.

Delivery re-imagined.

Safety First

Malfunctioning free-flying drones are a hazard in the sky. With the rail system, drones are unable to disengage from the rail during such malfunctions.


Roads provide predictable traffic patterns for cars. Our tracks do the same for drones. In addition, the tracks allow communication between drones and the track system to facilitate traffic flow. No need to worry about traffic jams here!

Example Drone Tracking App


Electrified tracks provide continuous power to drones instead of relying on batteries that need to be recharged or replaced.

Environmental Impact

Using drones helps keep gas-powered vehicles off the road.

Instead of cardboard boxes, drones can drop-off all packages in waterproof reusable boxes and pick them up at a later time.

Ecommerce Deliveries
Mail Volume
Grocery Transactions
Restaurant Deliveries


The following images are taken from our patent.

Lower Track System with Drone Attachment

Figure 1A (left) shows a rail, a rail connector, and a drone. Drones use the connector to attach to the rail. In the current orientation, the connector cannot pass through the opening of the rail.

Figure 1B (right) shows the rail connector oriented in such a way that it can fit into the rail’s opening.¬†

Once the rail connector passes through the opening, it can rotate to reorient itself into a locked position (like Figure 1A).

Figure 2B shows a top-rail and a bottom-rail with an engaged rail connector in each rail.

The use of multiple rails allow for more traffic flow or split applications, such as having delivery on the bottom rail and security on the top rail.

Upper Track System
Intersection Block in Use

Figure 3A shows an intersection block connector.
This is used to connect multiple rails and allows drones to switch from one rail to another, namely to travel in a different direction.

Figure 3B shows the intersection block connector in use. When the rail connector reaches the middle of the intersection block, it can rotate and travel onto any of the connected rails.

The intersection block connector is also used for connecting rails to parking areas (where drones can park for package dropoff, security, etc)


Not just for online shopping.

Online Shopping Delivery

Present delivery systems try to cut costs by consolidating packages to a specific area. Thus, the delivery time is set by the delivery company.

With drone delivery, cost and traffic issues are resolved, allowing for individual delivery orders set by the customer with tracking updates by the minute.

Postal Mail

Besides packages, drones can also be utilized for postal mail delivery.

The current postal system is financially unstable. This would be a clear solution to this problem.

Medical Supplies

Drones can carry medical supplies to help first responders or people in emergency situations.


Maneuverability of drones allow for better visibility compared to current security patrols and stationary cameras.

The ability to transmit live videos gives police more knowledge of dangerous situations, which provides a much safer environment for them and citizens.

Fleeing criminals can be followed by drones without alerting the criminals to a police presence.

Homeland Security

There is documented evidence of terrorists using drones in their attacks.

Parking areas attached to the railways allow for the storage of security drones that are ready at any moment to monitor or execute a mission.

The railways themselves can host drone take-down devices to target terrorists' drones.

Prosecution and Defense

Evidence gathered from videos and images from drones can strengthen prosecution or defense.

Review of such evidence can also aid in active case investigations, such as kidnappings or finding wanted criminals.

Heated/Cooled Foods

No more cold pizzas or melted ice cream. Electricity from the tracks can help the drones power heat-boxes or coolers.

Did someone order ice cream?


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